Tim Symons

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Management and Millennials

This summer, we were fortunate to have two interns working with us at Webster. Ethan Ecker was one of these employees. Ethan proved himself to be a self-motivated individual with a genuine interest in the operation of small business. As part of our summer farewell, we’d like to publish his thoughts and research regarding his […]

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In-App Purchase Apps with PhoneGap: Part 1

Recently we were tasked with creating a mobile application that would utilize in-app purchases to unlock various items in the application. We decided to use PhoneGap as our development platform and Framework7 as our HTML/JS framework for the application. This would allow us to develop the application as both iOS and Android with only a [...]
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8 Items I Need to Design Your Website

Our lead designer, Adam Davis, designs websites. A lot of websites. Here’s his list of the information that’s most useful to him when he gets started. 1. I need to know your company. What do you do? What makes you different? Can I tour the work space and meet key employees? 2. Why do you […]