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Management and Millennials

This summer, we were fortunate to have two interns working with us at Webster. Ethan Ecker was one of these employees. Ethan proved himself to be a self-motivated individual with a genuine interest in the operation of small business. As part of our summer farewell, we’d like to publish his thoughts and research regarding his […]

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The Webster Story

New clients often ask who we are, how long we’ve been around, and what we do. Check out our new animation, to end the mystery, and find out who we really are!

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Model Cars and the Creative Craft

Joe Webster tries to learn life and work lessons while building a model car, and getting frustrated with decal placement… A Mustang GTO isn’t in the cards for me. And that’s cool. My life is blessed in lots of other ways. But a model, I should be able to do. Here’s what I learned while […]